The Dunchideock Light Railway

A 7/8ths scale on 32mm Gauge (7/8n18) - Garden Railway.

Why Dunchideock?

When I was building the railway I didn't want to emulate any of the real Narrow Gauge lines. But on the other hand I wanted a theme to base future decisions on. Then one day while daydreaming I found the answer - Treacle Mining! 

Dunchideock is a small village with a fascinating history that nestles in the Haldon Hills of South Devon. It is the focal point of the Lord Haldon estate along with the nearby Belvedere castle and home to the world famous Treacle Mine.

The railway is set in the 1950's when Lord Haldon decided to cash in on the booming treacle trade. He soon realised that an 18 inch narrow gauge light railway would be ideal to serve both the mine and the estate. So he set about scouring the country for surplus track and rolling stock from the quarries, factories and municipal works that were closing down their small lines and converting to road transport.

After a while a motley collection of suitable rolling stock  was assembled enabling the transport of the treacle stone from the mine to the extraction works and for the movement of general goods and the occasional passengers around the estate.


The cat said hello to this many visitors: